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(Nothing on this page is for download. Thanks!)

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(These ones for a sweet couple Teresa & Mike)

Mike & Teresa

Teresa & Mike

(These ones for Erla's sweet daughter, Sunna)



(These ones I made for my wonderful friend, Connie)

Connie Connie Connie

(This one's for Mary and her family)

Mary & Family

(These ones I made for April & Dolores)

LilBit's bday card Dolores

(These ones I made for my sweet friends Shelley, Aimee, & Missy)

Jacob's portrait Missy, the Cookie Mom! Aimee

(Banners for great friends: Tammy, Elizabeth & Kim)




(These ones I made for Heatherjean)

Heatherjean Heatherjean Heatherjean

(These ones were for sweet friends: Melanie, Rhonda, & Jessica)

Melanie Rhonda Jessica

(These ones were for wonderful friends: Linda and Jennifer)

linda Jennifer

(These ones for my wonderful friend Missy & her baby Hannah)

missy hannah

(These ones for 2 lovely couple April & Mike's Country Home)

mike&april april&mike

I made a set for my sweet friend Susanna's "Venice Carnival" a while back and I must say with her hard work and a bit of my imagination, it's a special treat visiting these pages and learning more about this wonderful tradition! Please stop by & visit her... =0)


(These ones for a wonderful friend Rhonda!)

Rhonda Rhonda

(This banner's for my friend Brieanna)

(This banner's for a very sweet friend Christy)

(This one's for Monica)

~Here's some old stuff I made before~ (The banner & award is for Cindy~i've to re-upload banner later! lol!)

(This award's for a lovely lady named TERI)

(This one I made for my old site for Xmas '99)

(And, of course, my new banner too!)
my countryside

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