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(crossword puzzle contest)

The RULES are:

1) Identify each description and match them to that of a
member in our chat group. You may upload the crossword
puzzle graphic to your own software program and fill in
the boxes that way or you may also just write the person's
name next to each sentence. Either way is fine. :)

2) Please don't give out hints or answers to others even if
they bribe you with a date with George Clooney!

3) You have until the 22nd of Sept. to play this game.
A whole week should be enough to determine our first
five winners also to be announced that same weekend.


We bid you goodluck and have fun with this contest!
Don't give up when it gets tough because the prices
are worth it! :) We promise you'll love 'em...ENJOY!!!

The prizes are as follows

~BG Collection~

Debbie Mumm notecards
(8 cards per package)
*To be given ONLY to the first winner.

Are you ready to get started?

~graphics made by chat creators~