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"Caribbean" music by ~ENYA~

I do apologize for taking forever uploading these
beautiful awards and gifts from all my friends.
I appreciate all that you've given me and your
friendship. Thank you!!! ((((BIG HUGZ))))

How adorable! Thank you, Carol!
You're such a sweetie for giving me this. *BIG HUGZ*

Isn't this wonderful? Thanks bunches, Maureen! You don't know how much your appreciation means to me! Awww... =) *BIG HUGZ*

*WOW* What a beautiful surprise from Nina! Thanks so much! *hugz* I LOVE IT!!! =)

*Thank you for this lovely card, Nina! Beautiful family you have there. =0)

Thank you, Missy, for being the wonderful friend that you are! *hugz*

Isn't this sweet?! Thanks bunches, Missy! =0)

*big hugz* to you, Renee! You are one of the sweetest person I know. =0)

April, you're such a sweetie! I'm so glad we became friends. Thank you!!! *hugz*

Thank you, Mel! I'm so excited that you've started drawing graphics. :) Thanks so much for your friendship! *hugz*

Thank you, Tammy, for this cute card! You sure are very talented and I'm very happy to be your friend. Thanks so much!!!*hugz*

Renee, you've proven to be such a sweet person and I'm glad I met you. Thank you for this beautiful award that you created!!! *hugz*

Elizabeth, you do an awesome job with your Country Thyme site and I am honored to have this award. Thanks so much!!! *BIG HUGZ*

Aimee is my bestest friend! Truly as sweet as can be. This is just too cute!!! *BIG HUGZ* =0)

Oh WOW! Darraugh, you took me by surprise with this one! Just adorable! THANK YOU, Sweets!!!!! ((lotsa hugz))

Shell! Thank you so much for this! A complete surprise! lol! I love it, thank you!!! *lotsa hugz* =P

Very cute!! Thank you, Melanie for the wonderful friend that you are. *hugz* =0)

Thanks, Missy! You always do these special things for me. Awww... =) You're such a great friend!

Thank you, Rhonda! I think I'll 
join you in there and tell ya more true lies! LOL!!!
Another one from Melanie, made from the heart...what could be better? Aww...thanks Mel!!!!!

Isn't this just adorable?! Thank you so much, Erla! You're a doll! {{{lotsa hugz}}}

This is so special! *hugz* to you Kat for making such beautiful graphics! Thank you for this award. =0)

Thank you Elizabeth! This means a lot to me! It's been so great knowing you & Tequila. *hugz* :P)

Thanks, Missy! You always know how to make me smile. I'm so glad we've become great friends! *S* *hugz*

Aww...Rhonda! What a sweetie! Thank you for thinking of me & what great taste in graphics you have...*wink* {{HUGZ}}

Thanks Aimes! This is so adorable! You're the greatest friend one can have! *S*

Shelley, you're so COOL! This is the sweetest! Thanks so much! *hugz*

Thank you Barbara! This was a complete surprise! You're a sweetheart! =)

Aww...thanks Melanie! Glad to be your friend too. *hugz* =)

Thank you, Tammy! Who knew you were so talented?! *wink*

Maryvel, thank you! What a beautiful surprise! WOW! *BIG hugz*

Angel, this is wonderful! It's no wonder you're appropriately named so. :) Thanks so much! *hugz*

Where to now?