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I've come across some really cool sites while browsing around online. Some links are from good friends of mine. I've broken them down to a few categories below to make it easier to navigate. If there are any sites you think I might be interested in posting here, please e-mail me and I'll have a little visit when I've time.

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Country Homes
Other sites


Baby Blues Comic Strip

Better Homes and Garden

Anne Geddes

Family Fun

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The World of Beatrix Potter

Snoopy & Friends


Kinder ART

Coloring Fun

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Country Homes

Tequila's Country Home

Our Precious Home

My Cute Home

The Sullivan's

Susanna's Homepage

Linnie's Place

Curl's World

Country Attic

Mike & April's Country Home

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Other Sites(Inspirational)

Positive Steps

Trish's Poems from the Heart

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Patricia Cornwell

Time Warner (books)


Robert and Anna's Font Book

Abstract Dimensions


Discovery Daytime


Online Shopping

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