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"Moon River" music by ~Henri Mancini~
from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Hi, there!

  • (09/25/00) I added cursors/digits to my Falloween set and posted a "FAQ" in my welcome page and page of rules. As always, I've updated Krista's Kindergarten Adventures. :)

  • (09/18/00) I combined both Fall & Halloween Graphics. ENJOY!

  • (08/30/00) I've been keeping up with my daughter's Online Journal so please feel free to stop by.

  • (08/23/00) I'd receive some more special awards & gifts from wonderful friends and finally made a new set for SCHOOL . I hope you like them. =0)
    Just a quick note: Please don't forget to read my Rules first if you haven't yet. Thank you and Enjoy!

  • (07/26/00) I uploaded the last few custom graphics I made before taking a break and also added 3 more friendship cards from sweet friends.

  • (07/24/00) I'd been wanting to join these wonderful webrings
    for quite some time now. I finally found the time to do it.
    Check out the WEBRINGS here!

  • (07/09/00) Well, I finally got around to posting sweet gifts & awards from many special friends. Took me long enough huh? *S* I'm surprised they're still talking to me! *whew* LOL! Take a peek HERE !

  • (06/27/00) Here's a new set for this SUMMER Enjoy!

  • (05/25/00) I know it's early, but I couldn't resist! A new set for 4th of July and also more MISC. graphics!

  • (05/10/00) No new sets yet. *S* I know, I! I've been busy! Would you like to see what I've been doing all these time? Take a peek at my SAMPLES page! =P

  • (04/08/00) Aww...Who doesn't love BABIES?! Come & see!.

  • (04/02/00) Added a fun page of Art 'n' Crafts .

  • (03/15/00) A new set called "Sunflower Bears" .

  • (03/06/00) Just a few Spring/Easter graphics.

  • (02/20/00) I love angels! Don't you? Go HERE for this set.

  • (02/05/00) Added more MISC. graphics.

  • (02/01/00) Added "Friends" set to my free graphics.

  • (02/01/00) Another set added called "Bday Bears".

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