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"My Girl"
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Oct. 10

(Aug. 21 - Monday)

Our little daughter finally going to school, year 2000! WOW!
I was so anxious for Krista's first day of school that I couldn't sleep!
Let's just say I was already preparing for breakfast 2 hrs. ahead. LOL!
She's been wanting to go to school for so long and we wanted her to have
a lot of fun most of all. She knows how to write her first & last name,
knows her phone # and street address, count up to 50 and recognize shapes
and colors. The teacher who gave her the test told us she didn't have to
come in the first week since they're just covering what she knows already.
But, off she went...she was so excited! It's a private school and they're
required to wear uniforms and any hair accesories has to match their plaid.
No street clothes allowed. It's a bit fussy, but I feel relieved knowing
she's safe inside the gated school.

Carrying her backpack and lunch box, she stood behind her classmates as
they lined up to go inside the room. All the parents stood there kissing
and saying their goodbyes. Her lil' brothers kissed her bye and felt sad
seeing her go after all the time they spent at home playing. They've been
inseparable since birth. *S* We wished Krista a fun day and she went in
smiling. No crying for me this time as I already did all that while
packing her lunch the night before. LOL! Of course we took pics of her, we
were absolutely shameless! :P She looked so cute in her plaid jumper and
white blouse...awww! At 3:00, Joey went to get her as I waited at home cuz
Jason, 2 yr. old, was napping and I'd to stay behind to care for the boys.

She was grinning when she came home and full of energy! I don't remember
being this excited when I started school. I did like the shopping for
shoes part. LOL! First thing she did was go to James, her 3 yr old brother,
and gave him a hug & a kiss. He felt a little shy and ran off. We asked her
what her teacher's name was and she said "Mrs. Popsicle." We thought she
heard our question wrong. Um her teacher's name is actually "Mrs. Presco!"
I guess it sounded like "popsicle" to her. :P We asked her so many questions
to which she eventually became bored so we let her off to play. We couldn't
help it...we were so happy for her. She did say she loved the playground
there and that the boys in the room got in trouble because they didn't
listen to the teacher. Oh and she got a happy face for being a good girl! :)
I'm wondering if the teacher got the wrong kid?! LOL! Stay tuned...

(Aug. 22 - Tuesday)

Already she's got 2 new friends named Sara and Oscar. She mentions later in
the week that Oscar has short hair and he's cute! Ohh dear...*S* Hubby rolls
eyes and starts choking. lol! She comes home with the usual energy and lots
to say but most of all she missed playing with her brothers. I saw her pick
up loose change off the floor and couch and asked what they were for. She
said that they sell ice cream at school and you have to have money to buy
one! OMG! Joey said he didn't even find out about that part till he was in
3rd grade. LOL! Just goes to show how smart girls are to begin with. :P

She's very happy playing tea party with her thermos, really cute. She
even likes to do her homework! Let's hope this keeps up till college. :)
She got another happy face cuz she was a good girl all day. IS this MY child?
They learned how to sing 3 notes of Do Re Mi, Hickory Dickory Duck and
also the sign of the cross. Hubby and I are not religious at all even
though we both went to private Catholic schools. Joey even served as an
altar boy. :) We do feel that it's important for her to be exposed to it and be
able to make up her own mind for herself later on. What is important is
she learns what is right and wrong, have good morals and have her family
that loves her no matter what.

(Aug. 23 - Wednesday)

Hump day today and she's still liking school very much. She doesn't,
however, like going to bed early. *S* She'd rather stay up and play some
more. James seems to be adjusting to not seeing her during the day and
loves it when she teaches him all the things she's learned in school. She
becomes their teacher at home and bosses them around. :) She talked to
my mom on the phone and tells her all the fun she's having in K. Then the
boys took turns talking on the phone till it got pretty ugly. lol!

(Aug. 24 - Thursday)

Her grandparents went to pick her up today and Joey forgot to mention that
they leave early on Thursdays cuz the teachers have their weekly meetings.
She sat with the rest of the many kids waiting to be picked up. She was in
good spirits though. She even got a gold certificate because she took a nap
and was so very proud showing it to me as a surprise! :) This we've collected
right along with her happy faces. Tonight, all homework has to be completed
to turn in and be graded. As a special treat in her lunchbox, I packed extra
cookies for Friday and included stickers cuz I know how much she loves them.
She's still getting used to the idea of waking up at 6:30 or 7 AM, poor
thing. And yet, she comes home w/ boundless energy! Joey joked that they're
not working her hard enough. LOL!

(Aug. 25 - Friday)

TGIF!!! The poor thing goes straight to the shower to "wake me up" she says.
I can't believe a week had gone by so fast! We told her there won't be any
school tomorrow cuz it's Saturday. She looked kind of worried and said why
not?! She likes school! :) We reassured her that weekend's for spending time
with the family and after the 2 days, she goes back to school again.

I kept the boys up from their nap, so we could all go and pick her up from
school. We all missed her during the day and couldn't wait to have her back
again for a full day at home. We all stood outside waiting in the hot
parking lot along with the other parents. I guess we all had that relieved
look on our faces. Our kids having just survived one of the many firsts
in their lives. She didn't see us waiting right away, but broke out into
a huge smile when she did. We all hugged her and kissed her. :) I made a bit
of small talk with their teacher but she was getting pulled in many diff
directions. What a nice lady though, almost like a Grandma to the kids.
Krista was very happy eating her lollipop, a reward for being a good girl!
So much to talk about so we headed home and got ready to take the kids out
since every Friday is their day to be taken somewhere fun. She was even
invited to her first bday party already. Guess who's...? Oscar's! LOL!

(Aug. 28 - Monday)

We're on our 2nd week of school and she was really too sleepy this morning
to go to school. Sometime during the weekend, she said she didn't want to go
to school anymore. =/ She's still getting used to her new schedule I guess.

She came home all happy again. :) She showed me two new songs they learned
which was "Let's Be Friends Today" and "Five Kids were Jumping on the Bed".
It's really cute watching her sing them and I can't believe she knows
the wordings to both in just one day! Obviously, such talent run in the
family. *wink* Joey says "you're welcome" to ME. Pfft! LOL! She did really
well with her homework, got them all right. Yay!!! She made another friend
I forget her name now...Ashley I think. She's named many of them. She
also said she wants to braid her hair like the other girls and that I don't
have to do it for her cuz she already knows how. lol! She was basically just
twisting her hair this way and that. Awww... :) What a big girl already!

(Aug. 29 - Tuesday)

Still looking cute in her plaid jumper, off she goes to school again.
She learned 2 new songs, I forget which ones, it's been such a long day. *S*
She was so happy to be home though and helped James put his Tarzan puzzles
together, had snacks with the boys, and eventually got cranky. The boys had
no naps all day, refused to. *S* Poor Krista, she wakes up so early now that
she just dozed off in her bed the minute she lied down. The boys held on
for a long time! lol! Good thing she did her homework last night already,
so tomorrow night we'll pick it up again. She's been doing so well and I'm
so proud of her she sure deserve to rest!

(Aug. 30 - Wednesday)

She's bouncing up and down today. LOL! With all that rest, I think she was
ready to take on the world. She brought home another happy face and
presented me and hubby a sweet drawing she made cuz today's "Happy Friends
Day". Hubby looked like a red robot and I resembled a purple patient covered
in plaster. :P I'm very proud to post it on our fridge amongst 100 others.
She also handed me a finger-painted alphabet, capital & small letters.
It looks so neat, no mistakes...WOW! Today she learned about God and that
God is love. :) She was very excited to tell me that they got to go to the
library to watch a movie about singing and sharing while the other kids went
to P.E. Thing is they divide them into 2 groups, the Lions & the Tigers. She
said she liked bouncing the ball on her knee during P.E. and the boys chased
the girls around the playground cuz they were supposed to be monsters. LOL!
Mrs. Presco's bday is on Sept. 6 and we're donating money for a surprise
cake & gift. Krista is not one to keep surprises so we're trying to keep her
from blurting it out loud in class. lol!

(Aug. 31 - Thursday)

Krista was in a very good mood today even though she was a little sluggish
at the breakfast table. She came home telling me that she has another friend
and she's really sweet, named Mixtley. She had to teach me how to pronounce
that one and told me it's NOT Missy! lol! She also mentioned that another
friend named Dahlia only had a sandwich for recess, so she gave her some of
her fruit roll-ups and cookies. Oh and that Oscar shared his lunch with some
one else who didn't have a lot for lunch. Awww!

Her brother James came with us for her appt at the doctor's after school.
It seems they're now also having the kids get tested for TB and Lead. Wow! I
sure didn't know that was required. Any employees or volunteers at school
are also getting tested for TB and fingerprinted at the local police station!
It's all good, I guess, since you can never be too sure. Her doctor, Dr.
Perez also mentioned her other upcoming shots and that if I get them done
now, she won't have to come back for another year. She said that when kids
know they'll be back again for 2 or 3 shots each time, it gets harder trying
to get them to cooperate. She was so brave through all of it. At home, she
always plays doctor to all of us, having us lie down on the couch. Her
little brothers are her #1 patients and they do exactly as she say. lol!
She had 6 shots and another one at the lab. :( I held her the whole time and
was so proud of how she handled it sitting there in an adult-sized hospital
gown. Her doctor's the kind that sits there with you and talk to you about
everything and won't leave till all your questions and problems are answered.

After all that, Krista said she still wants to be a doctor. She's been
saying this since she was 3 yrs old and used to bring her along with me to
my ob/gyn visits. They encourage her a lot and give her her own stethoscope
to play with and always leave w/ treats. lol! The whole family took her to
Baskin Robbins afterwards and dinner. Tomorrow is show & tell day. They're
to bring a little something, nothing fancy, that they like to share w/ their
classmates. It's the first time they're doing this, so it's like a practice.
She's decided she'll show them the 6 huge stickers she got for her shots
for being a VERY brave girl! bet!!! =0)

(Sept. 1 - Friday)

In the morning, Krista was pretty sore so she stayed at
home up until recess at school. We weren't sure if she was
okay enough to make it since she'd gotten all those shots.
There was always a chance she'll break out into a fever. *S*
Well, the strong girl that she is was just fine and insisted
she go to school. :) She gave her friend Mixtley one of her
stickers and was very happy when Mixtley also had something for
her! A sticker puzzle...very cute! lol!

I think we will take it easy this Labor Day weekend cuz the boys
had gotten a cold and one w/ a fever. I've a sinus infection. :(
It seems that everyone's getting sick too. Must be the change in the
weather? Hmn. We'll see how we do. Till then... Have a relaxing
Labor Day weekend everyone!!! =0)

(Sept. 6 - Tuesday)

(No school yesterday because it was a 3-day holiday weekend)
This was quite a day! *S* Hubby was gone early in the AM and all day with
only 3 hrs. of sleep, I had to take Krista to school and drag both boys
with us. You ever see those people go through fast forward motion on TV?
Yep, that was me this morning. LOL! While I got Krista dressed, I hustled
to get the boys ready, change diapers and feed all of them breakfast. Then
at the same time got myself ready. I ended up carrying my 2 yr. old since
I couldn't find his shoes and he's a tank! We walked all over the school
buying gym clothes, and checking with the school office for a couple more
things. Getting the boys in and out of the van was tough since they wanted
to stay at school with Krista and Jason started crying. :(
They were still sound asleep when I had to wake them up and this
makes them cranky all day which was exactly what happened. *S* And, OMG!!!
to top it all off...I had my navy blue shirt on backwards!!! LOL!!! I had
not noticed it till we got home and already inside the house!
Just wonderful huh? I was even talking to the priest and other parents!
At least I didn't forget to put my pants on. Sheesh! LOL!

Krista was her usual awesome self. :) Not only is she having a blast with
her friends, she's learning so much at the same time. She recited two
Christian songs to us when she came home. I still can't make out the lyrics
but she did it perfectly. They were lining up to attend church as the boys
and I left this morning. Afterwards, she told me that they had P.E. and she
wore her blue & yellow clothes which were too big! Awww. :) Tomorrow is Mrs.
Presco's bday and on our recent trip to a nearby apple orchard, we got her a
magnetic pad that says "Teachers deserve the Best!" and a pencil. Krista was
really good with keeping this a surprise. I know she can't wait to have
some cake and ice cream. Hmn, I wonder if they're allowed to take some home? :)

(Sept. 7 -Thursday)

Yesterday was my annual housecleaning day. :) I was too exhausted to update
here. They did sing happy bday to Mrs. Presco yesterday and ate a yummy cake
that had pretty flowers on them. She said it was really good and everyone
finished their cake. Today she brought home 2 newsletters for parents. One
for their school pictures and the other for a steak bake at school, all for
the month of Sept. Ohh this should be fun! They are also having a fundraiser
through Innisbrook Wraps at and 50% goes to her school.
If you're interested in helping out, check out the gifts section or gift tags.
There's some really cute stuff there. :) You will need to put in their
school code upon checking out which is #102003.

Today she said that there was a new girl in her class named Kelsey and
that she must be 5 yrs. old too like her and Mixtley. Oh and that Ashley P.
took her beach blanket during naptime. She didn't even ask nicely she said.
She was left without one so she let the teacher know that she was getting cold!
Awww :( She also said that she did not get a color change cuz she was a
good girl. lol! They have this color code at school as to how they're behaving
in class. Yellow ones, I believe, are misbehaving and the green ones with a
happy face means they did great all day and then there's the gold cert. for
taking a nap. We have collected a lot of happy faces already! :) Tonight, we
are going to get her Hawaiian ensemble ready cuz it's "Fun in the Sun" day
tomorrow and they all dress up. ALOHA!!! =0)

(Sept. 8 - Friday)

She looked simply adorable this morning in her multi-colored flowery shirt
and a pair of shorts with mini daisies. It was fun to wear something other
than the usual plaid jumper to school. I also made her a matching lei she
wore around her neck and flower to match for her hair. All made out of crepe
paper. Her sandals even sported lots of lil' flowers. :)

She was very excited telling me about playing with balloons filled with water!
They also had a contest where you soak up the sponge with water and run to a
bucket to fill it up! She said they were laughing so much because it was
dripping all over the place. Oh and that she was really sweaty playing a lot
that Mrs. Presco squirted them with water. lol! She mentioned she couldn't
do some of the games so she stayed with Kelsey and they "smiled together."
Awww! :) She really likes her a lot cuz she's nice. Right now she's clipping
cut-outs teaching her brothers what she did at school and still parading
around in her hawaiian get-up. Well, no school tomorrow and she didn't seem
that excited when I let her know. lol! She is excited to go to her cousin
Miranda's bday though. She even helped me pick out her present last night.
Have a great weekend, everyone!!! =0)

(Sept. 12 - Tuesday)

Yesterday (Monday) was another long day for us. lol! Seems like it's always
like that everyday with the kids. *S* Krista was back in full swing again
after having a fun bday party at her cousin's house. Her teacher did tell her
that they're not allowed to wear nail polish in school. Oops! We forgot
that the girls were playing make-over and did their nails at the party. The
light blue nail polish was barely noticeable but rules are rules I guess.
It was also Grandparent's Day yesterday and her Grandma and Grandpa went to
see her and they visited their classroom and did some arts & crafts. :) She
came home with a nice crown on her head with a Christian inscription. Very cute!

Today, she had sadly informed me that a girl named Jasmine said to her
"you're stupid and I'm smart!" OMG! I was very shocked! I asked her what she
said to that and she'd said: "You're mean and I don't want to talk to you and
I just looked away and didn't play with her anymore." YEAH!!! Good girl! :)
She also added that "her mommy and daddy didn't teach her not to say bad words
and she's not a nice girl." Aww...does she know how to fend for herself or
what?! LOL! That's my girl! :P Lookout world!!! Okay maybe not...LOL!
She's right now happily eating ice cream with her brothers and teaching them
two new songs she learned "Gloria" and "Hallelujah." More updates tomorrow
since they're holding the first parent-teacher meeting. :)

(Sept. 13 - Wednesday)

Anybody want choc bars? lol! We just got back from the parent-teacher meeting
tonight and seems like we're going to be selling candies for fund raising.
My Mom already bought 4 bars and of course they all went to the grandkids. :)
It seems we'll also be buying scrips or ecrips online. They are sort of like
buying gift certificates and you use them instead of cash when you purchase
groceries or other stuff. They even include drive-thrus! Now I know what we
will be having for dinner for a whole month! lol! They're great for gift-giving
so you see what I'm getting at? Just kidding... :P Anyway, there's a lot going
on. There's even a Casino Night?! Imagine that! They're doing all these since
it's a private school and they don't get any help from the government aside
from the tuition which pays the teacher's salary. Last year they were able to
buy new chairs for their library and maps for each classrooms and scholarships
for students. We'll do our share and hope that this year will be even better.
Doesn't hurt to do a little plug here once in a while. LOL! :D

We found Krista passed out on the floor when we got home. Aww, she was so tired.
She did tell me today that she didn't play with Jasmine and that she didn't
apologize at all to her. :( They also went to church again to sing songs. They
already had the morning mass too yesterday & P.E. She recited this one rhyme
called "Sleeping Outdoors" and it goes something like this:
Under the dark is a star,
Under the star is a tree,
Under the tree is a blanket,
And under the blanket is me.
Aww...too cute! She's also been teaching James how to sing "When you're happy
and you know..." well, ya know how that goes. Till next time... :)

(Sept. 14 - Thursday)

Krista enjoys singing all the new songs they're teaching them. She's always
been quick to learn them too. Must've been all that music influence she'd
gotten since she was a baby. She particularly loved it when Joey played his
electric guitar to get her to sleep and she even favored heavy metal music! lol!
She can hum or sing that tune only after she's heard it once or twice. :)
Tomorrow is supposedly denim day and she came home with a note today that we
were supposed to buy a ticket to wear denim?! And that it would cost twice
as much on Friday! Huh?! I am so lost in all these stuff we have to pay for. *S*
They are forever apologizing for sending notices at the last minute too. We
would not have known about the parent-teacher meeting yesterday had Joey not
heard it from their speaker announcements as he was picking Krista up. =/

Well, our lil' Miss crashed out an hour ago. She must've been so tired from
last night. Everytime Grandma babysits them, they like to stay up late! lol!
I'm glad she's getting her rest, she does so much nowadays. She did her week's
worth of homework last Tuesday and they're all due tomorrow. They try to have
them figure out different ways to do things by sorting them by colors,
shapes, sizes, and she loves to mix & match stuff.
What an awesome kid she is! :)

(Sept. 18 - Monday)

Ohh Krista was SO excited to show me something today! :) She got her school
pics along with the pics she took with her grandparents and they both came
out really nice! She had the puffy eyes going cuz they took these pics very
early in the morning, but the smile is unmistakeably a mischievous one. Yep
that's our lil' Krista. She loves posing for the camera and never been shy. :)

She mentioned that Ashley P. took her blanket again during rest time. It seems
this girl can't keep her hands off her blanket! lol! Yesterday she told us that
during playtime, she and Jasmine were holding hands. :) Let's hope she behaves
herself from now on. Can you believe we already went through a whole week's
worth of homework?! WOW! She just kept on wanting to do each exercises and
loved coloring and figuring things out on her own. She's also tried going to
our neighbors selling the candy bars but she's kinda shy doing it though so
James went right along with her and he did the knocking on the doors. LOL!
I've also had to get the boys out of the fridge cuz they kept wanting to eat
all the chocolate bars! James took one and hid it under his pillow! :P
I just hope hubby and I don't end up paying for all of them. LOL!

(Sept. 20 - Wednesday)

When she came home yesterday she was pretty busy playing with her brothers, so it
wasn't until around dinner time that we got to talking with her about school. She said
that she had a fun time during P.E. and oh that Ian kissed her. ACK! I was really calm
asking about details. She said that Ian kissed her on the lips and that he drooled on
her. OMG! LOL! I told her that maybe next time she'll just have to tell Ian not to do
that. She said it's okay cuz she wiped it off. LOL!!! Hubby's eyes were practically
popping out of their sockets. :P Oh how fun the teenage years are going to be...

This morning, she came to me and told me that she wasn't at all feeling good, so we had
her stay home, but then all of a sudden she just wanted to go to school. She said that
she was sad that nobody played with her during snack time. Turned out that the usual
crowd she hangs out with were home sick. She seems to be doing fine since she got home.
They're learning the vowels now and she sings it in a song. She also talks about her
big buddy named Amanda at school. The Kindergarten class get paired up with an older
student during mass. I guess this way they don't start running off on their own. :)
Their school will be holding their annual swap meet pretty soon right before their break.
I can't believe they're going to have a break already. Seems like school just started.
This is how it's going to be with year-round school so the kids don't have a long boring
stretch of summer. They instead give them breaks in between months. COOL! :)

(Sept. 21 - Thursday)

She's home today sick. :( She was coughing a lot this morning and felt sluggish too.
She's already taken her meds and right after lunch, she crashed out. Krista is a girl
so full of energy, but when she gets sick she never gets cranky like the boys. She's
more mellow and she gets quiet. Awww poor thing. I'm sure she'll be back to her old
bouncy self again in no time! I can honestly say that she'd prob'ly gotten sick no more
than 10 times since she was a baby. Now that's pretty good! :)

(Sept. 22 - Friday)

She's her happy self again! :) Today she went to school and turned in her
homework. She also shared an ice cream sandwich with Mixtley. :) Ian wasn't mentioned
at all so that's good. lol! She said they didn't do much today, but they did break out
their markers and traced their hands and feet on paper which she also did for her brothers
when she came home. James was giggling so much, he kept losing his balance. lol! Jason
was more interested in covering our dining table w/ crayons. She also told me that when
they were inside the P.E. room, they did a little parade and cheered each other. I asked
why they were cheering and stuff, she said she had no idea. LOL! They lined up and said
"hurrah!" and that it was fun too. :) She was glad to know that tomorrow's Saturday,
no school and no work for daddy. It rained tonight, but if the weather clears up we'll
prob'ly take them somewhere fun. We're not going to be able to attend the Steak Bake
since my Mom's relocating and nobody can babysit for us. The bake's only for adults,
no kids allowed. Oh time then. Have a great weekend! :)

(Sept. 25 - Monday)

She went to school this morning in a very good mood, but came home somewhat quiet and
kept to herself. Hmn... She helped her lil' brother Jason color his Snoopy activity
book though. I tried nonchalantly to talk to her and asked if they painted anything
at school today. She said no. I asked if she liked her lunch...she said yes. Yeah, you
got it, she answered w/ either yes or no. lol! I tried not to pursue it too much cuz
she might just be tired it being Monday today and all. She did start humming a song and
reciting the Pledge of Allegiance sometime later. :) Then she and her brother
James layed out the lounge chair pads in the living room to play "rest time" like they
do in school. She was the teacher and James her student. Right now, she's doing
her homework and looking forward to playing soccer outside in the yard.

(Sept. 26 - Tuesday)

She came home in a much better mood than when she left this morning. She didn't even
want to go to school. Now, she's happily doing her homework. lol! Kids! :) She said
that during P.E. Jasmine was whistling but she can't whistle as well as me. :) She likes
it when I try to teach her how to whistle. It cracks the boys up a lot too. She was
really hyper dancing in our bedroom and bouncing on our bed while Joey played the guitar.
This is because they went to mass this morning and someone played the guitar at church
so she dug up Joey's acoustic out of our closet. How this brings back memories when she
was a baby and used to pound on his guitar on the floor and tear up baby magazines too! :)

We found a piece of paper saying that she bumped her head yesterday and had to go see
the nurse and use ice pack. I was really worried cuz she didn't mention anything about it
at all yesterday! Here I was thinking maybe that's why she was so quiet and
the teacher didn't even bother to tell us when she was picked up! Omg, LOL! All the
needless worrying, as I carefully re-read the whole page, it was addressed to someone
else! LOL!!! The note was for another girl named Noreen and she brought it home by mistake!
Well, what a relief. I thought she had a concussion or something although she didn't show
any signs of it. Thank goodness! Another note said there's going to be
a teacher-parent conference for us next week. We get a 15-min. chance to talk to Mrs.
Presco. :) She told Joey yesterday that Krista's doing "very good!" Whoohooo!!! :)
And as our little 2 yr. old Jason would say..."ohh NICE!" LOL!

(Sept. 27 - Wednesday)

She started with the sign of the cross and recited "Angel of God" prayer 100 mph! LOL!
She said she can say it really fast and the other kids are slow. I told her maybe she's
not supposed to say it too fast. She said yeah I can't at school, but I can say it fast here. :P
She mentioned liking this story about a dog who tried to help clean the house and shook
the rug with his mouth only he ended up tearing it up. LOL! He then moved on to "help"
around the house some more and this time with the couch and on and on. She retells the
story while giggling at the same time. How cute! :) She said they're almost done with
Chapter 2 in their book, just one more page. She asked what grade she'll be in after
Kindergarten and that she'd like to go to the same school cuz she likes it there. Well,
I'm glad to hear that. So far she hasn't lost interest in what they're doing. I remember
someone dubbed her a "sponge" when she was just a baby cuz she was always so curious and
observant about everything. She talks and reasons like an adult already! We'll see
what she has to say tonight during dinner. This is when she's most talkative and we
end up learning more things about her. :)

(Sept. 29 - Friday)

Today was such a busy day! *WOW* I will have to make this one short
since there's a lot going on. My awesome daughter did a show and tell
at school and when she told hubby about what she said, I just melted. :)
She got up in front of the whole class when it was her turn and told
them that today's her mommy's birthday! Awww! =) The little boys and
girls went "ohhh" LOL! Then she told Mrs. Presco that daddy was
taking mommy out to dinner. What a sweetie pie she is... She was my
Mother's Day present too, born 5 yrs. ago, hours before Mother's Day. :)

(Oct. 6 - Friday)

Well, it's been a week since the last update and so much has happened.
She told us a couple days ago that her friend Oscar was transferred to
pre-K since he couldn't do what they were doing and he that he didn't
pay attention, but she waves hi to him during recess at the playground.
Aww :( Krista came home today with her mat and blanket and said we have
to clean it cuz it's dirty. lol! She also showed off a yellow rosary,
said she has to practice at home with her prayers. :) She said she needs
to learn the Hail Mary and she started it this way:
"Hail Mary, full of bread..." LOL! She also corrected Joey when he made
the sign of the cross. She said that with "holy" you touch your right
shoulder and not the left one! Um I think we learned the opposite growing up. :P
Ohh she also told us that she got a color change but it was only yellow, it
means she doesn't get a happy face for today. She admitted whispering to
Ashley A. (not Ashley P.) during rest time because she wasn't sleepy at all.
Her "friend" Jasmine's up to her usual again. She told Krista they're not
friends anymore during playtime because she played with Raymondo, Mixtley,
the Ashleys, etc. Gosh, who knew there was so much soap opera in Kindergarten?!

I will try and update here everyday but seeing how I'm trying to get my site
situated somewhere else, it might not be as frequent. I had no idea there was
so much work involved in getting a domain name! Thanks to my hubby. :) This
reminds me of having kids, he gave them to me also and there's a lotta work
there too! LOL! I guess it's more than just shopping for cute itty bitty
clothes huh? J/K Till next time... Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

(Oct. 10 - Tuesday)

No update yesterday cuz we got sick over the weekend and Krista had to stay home
because she was still coughing a lot. Anyway, it'll be half days this whole week
as they fit in the teacher-parent conferences before their 2-week break. They'll
be back in school the day before Halloween. At the meeting today, we've heard
nothing but praises about Krista. :) She does everything well and really does pay
attention. She and another girl named Andrea are assigned the vowels since they're
both the best in recognizing the alphabet. There's this panel where you insert them
while the other kids are assigned diff letters so they're put into words together.
The entire room is pretty big so the boys let loose and checked out their books and
toys. Yeah, we had to bring them with us. LOL! No babysitters handy at 3 PM on a
Tue. *S* She showed us where she sits and got to see her artwork displayed around
their classroom. The kids she constantly mentions are the ones that sit at the same
table with her. Joey and I were very pleased with everything, we will probably also
send James to the same school in a couple of years. Krista is one amazing girl, she
makes us so proud!!! More updates after their break in 2 weeks, so till then... :)

*update* (Oct. 12)
Today, they handed out awards to the kids at church.
Krista brought home an "Excellence in Language Arts" award! :)
YAY!!! That's awesome! No more school for now.

That's it for now. Thanks for being here!
Stop by again later... =0)

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