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Hiding your egg:

1) The object of the game is for each individual to hide 1 egg in 1 place anywhere in your site.

2) Please hide the egg in your personal site (not your graphics site if you're an original artist---unless you ONLY have that one site). And yes, award pages are included.

3) There will be no giving out hints, ladies! No you can't make new eggs in place of the ones you're looking for! =)

4) When you post the egg to your site, add "country chat" to your alt tag so there's no confusion with your easter decorations.

5) If you have "NRC" (no right-click) installed to your site, make sure that by clicking on the egg, there's a way for others to download it.

Finding the eggs:

1) All participating members are listed below. You are to find one egg from each site marked "cc" for Country Chat. A basket is provided for these eggs (just for fun).

2) Make sure you have a folder in your HD just for these eggs. Once you find them, save them in there and when you have ALL of them, just zip the files and send it to "". Another option is to upload all eggs to your site & send us the URL so we can view them from there.

3) If you find them all before the due date (23rd), that's wonderful! The winners will still be announced on April 24th. Prizes will be claimed that same day also.

4) Prizes are: (a dozen hard-boiled eggs... no, just kidding!)

*A graphic set from Aimee, custom-made award OR banner from Grace, Shelley and Jessica. Our lovely friend Cindy also is going to give out custom-made graphics!

Anyone else, please let us know!

~Participating Members~

Goodluck everyone and most of all... Have fun!

~Happy Hunting~

*Background, basket, bunnybar graphics from Shelley's Graphics .

*Easter train graphic is from Graphics by Mouse .

~Thanks to Dynamic Drive for the trailing cursor script.

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