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Jan. 28, 1995

Joey & Grace

Happy 5th Anniversary, Sweetie

Do you like our wedding pic? Looks like we're in a hot tub! *hubba...hubba!* You know, that's not such a bad idea to have inside the limo! LOL!

Well, I remember our special day together like it was only yesterday...*S* Our 5th year already and we still like each other! Amazing, huh? =) You're such a sweetheart and not only that, you're also my best friend in the whole wide world!!! You'll always be my "partner in crime!"

I love ya forever & always...(forever + infinity as you would say) Here's to better days and beautiful years ahead!!! *kiss*


~*~Love, Faith, and Harmony~*~

luv ya sweets

~all graphics made by ME~

"Forever in Love" music by ~Kenny G~